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  • " Be life long learner with our innovative and unique curriculum ".
  • STEAM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - Maths), the latest buzz in global education our age old gurukul system, helps children discover, explore and learn through hands on tasks.
  • Robotics, an integral part of the curriculum not only helps introduce programming also link Science, Engineering, Maths and Demystifies complex technology.
  • Face to face introduction and facilitation is blended with an online and digital interface, allowing differentiated instructions and using technology to meet individual needs.
  • As the constant variable in their child's progress, it is critical that parents are invested in child's long term success. Thus, parents are treated as partners and the teaching methodology is shared with them through.
  • Regular parent workshops.
  • Expert interventions where parents share their rich knowledge with the students.
  • Educational visit and field trips to establishments owned/run by parents for building entrepreneurial skills.
  • Bridge activities based on human values and community service,fostering empathy through interaction with the underprivileged, elderly and differently able member of the society.
  • We encourage classrooms with diverse learners and attempt to built a sense of community pride through principle of cooperation, sharing, gratitude and integrity.
  • Our educational approach employs a variety of effective teaching methods structured around the five human values of truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence.
  • Individual responsibility is promoted for the collective progress of humanity, one step at a time through daily light meditation, chanting of values, yoga and story sessions making them good human brigs.
  • For us, assessment is for learning & not of learning. It is not simply testing children for learning through rote.
  • It is integrated part of the curriculum for improved education, discouraging any child to be labelled and includes providing feedback to students as well as parents, paving the way for every child according to his/her level.