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Shri Vivek P. Patel

Anand Niketan Group of Schools

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".


A young and dynamic engineering graduate, he is one of the prominent land developers of Ahmedabad. Apart from being a member of the advisory committees of various banks, he also holds a significant position in the trusts of various banks. He also holds a significant position in the trusts of various schools and colleges. His philanthropic nature is responsible for his committment to myriad social organizations. He is a self motivated visionary who shares a good rapport with children and enjoys being in their company. He takes a special interest in ensuring that schools he is associated with, are equipped with the latest infrastructure.


The magnificent & imposing buildings of Anand Niketan Satellite, Ambli and Sughad campuses are a product of his innovative & contemporary approach towards education. He participates actively & enthusiastically in all school decisions & events. His acting prowess and passion for dramatics lays the foundation for the mesmerizing annual event-Panorama, every year at Anand Niketan Satellite Campus.