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·         Each student should carry the almanac to school with his/her photograph and identification information completed and signed by his/her parent.

·         No student should damage any school furniture or write anything on the walls or furniture. Concerned student will be required to compensate for the damage.

·         The school is not responsible for goods is not advisable to bring valuable articles to school. Kindly label all the belongings clearly.

·         Parents and guardians shall not visit their wards or teachers in the class rooms, without permission of the authorities.

·         Both the parents should be present for the collaboration & meetings held during the year.

·         Once a child has come to school, he/she will not to be allowed to go on half day leave. In case of an emergency, parents will personally come and pick up their wards. No child will be allowed to go home with an unknown person.

·         It is compulsory for every student to speak in English on the school campus and also in the school bus.

·         Mobile phones are not allowed during the regular school days, functions and excursions. Incase students are found carrying a mobile phone, it will be confiscated for a period of one year from the date of confiscation.

·         Good manner, habits of obedience and order, neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required at all times.

·         During work hours, order and silence is to be maintained while around the premises. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.

·         Students will not be allowed to enter the school premises before 7:45 a.m. unless specified by the school authorities.

Library & Browsing Room

·         The library is open to all students of the school. students visiting the library have to observe the following rules:

·         Only student from grade 3 onwards will be issued book to home.

·         Until the previously issued book is returned, an additional book will not be issued.

·         Strict silence must be maintained in the library.

·         Book damaged while in possession will have to be replaced by the borrower, failing which parents will be billed the cost of replacement.

·         Student are not allowed to bring their personal to bring their personal book or belongings to the library.

·         The library has an open access system and students must help to maintain the order of the books on different shelves.


·         Student can avail the school transport subject to the availability of seats. The school buses have fixed routes and the parents should consult the school transport-in-charge for necessary details.

·         All students using the school transport are expected to be on the same side of the road at the bus stop at least five to seven minutes before the bus stop at least five to seven minutes before the arrival of the bus.

·         The buses will not wait for late comer.

·         All students must occupy their seats immediately after board in the bus.

·         No diversions / extensions will be entertained on existing routes.

·         Student will be held responsible for any damage to the busses cause by negligence or vandalism. Students will be fined for any damage to the bus,

·         No student will be allowed to travel standing on the foot board.


·         Students are not allowed to distribute sweets, chocolates or any other individual gifts to their classmates or teachers.

·         However they may bring a potted plants or a book for the class library.